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Enabling Excellence Through Expertise

There is nothing quite as valuable as an expert’s advice to help navigate the many challenges of technological adoption within the travel and hospitality Industry.


With this in mind, ExploreTECH added a knowledgeable voice to our digital platform in the form of Voice of the Expert (VoE). By partnering with a select group of hospitality tech consultants, we provide our users with a trustworthy, objective, and unbiased source of key technology-related insights and hands-on experience.

Armed with the ideal skillsets and industry expertise, our tech-agnostic hospitality tech consultants advise industry executives regarding their technology objectives and assist tech providers in enhancing their go-to-market strategy.

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Our Experts

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Why Voice of the Expert?

A degree of uncertainty and hesitation is quite common when dealing with new technologies. Like you, we have also experienced the numerous obstacles associated with the discovery and sourcing of travel and hospitality technology to optimize business operations and enhance efficiency. Whether you are a new business choosing the ideal tech stack or an existing company hoping to enhance your current travel and hospitality solutions, having an impartial travel or hospitality tech consultant on hand to guide and offer recommendations will provide much-needed reassurance and save you on time, expense, and expertise.

Areas of Expertise

Our experts are industry professionals, and provide advice in the following areas: Back-of-House & Guest-Facing Technologies Hotel Pre-Opening Hotel Deflagging/Reflagging System Implementation/Migrations Hospitality Security Technology Design Improving Tech Stacks & Strategic Planning Hospitality Distribution NDC & Order Management in Travel Better Retailing for Travel Agent/TMC Infrastructure Technology Design Market Research Go-To Market Strategy

Back-of-House and Guest-Facing Technologies

Hotel Pre-Opening

Hotel Deflagging / Reflagging

System Implementation / Migrations

Hospitality Security Technology Design

Improving travel tech stacks and Strategic Planning

Travel Distribution contracts and growing direct channels

NDC and Order Management in travel

Better retailing for Travel Agent/TMC

Infrastructure Technology Design

Market Research

Go-To Market Strategy

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Why Choose ExploreTECH?

As experts in the Hospitality Industry, ExploreTECH is ideally poised to empower transformative connections between Industry Professionals and Technology Providers. We employ our specialist understanding of innovation and connection to help foster a culture of continual engagement with innovative technologies within the Industry.