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ExploreTECH is the first Digital Marketplace for the MEA Hospitality & Travel industry that launched in 2022. Discover, compare & source technology solutions.


To build a comprehensive and unified marketplace that facilitates technology awareness, discovery, and sourcing throughout the travel and hospitality industry in the Middle East and Africa.


To enable innovation and progress within the Travel and Hospitality industries by simplifying and automating the discovery, sourcing, and procurement journey through travel and hospitality technology.

Advocating for tech in the travel and hospitality industry

Meet Our Founders

Armed with extensive business acumen, entrepreneurial drive, and nearly two decades of mutual collaboration and friendship, our founding members bring expertise in advocating for technology's pivotal role in advancing businesses within the travel and hospitality industry, creating startups, and optimizing operations through digital solutions.

Enabling Travel and Hospitality Industry Professionals

    Empowering Travel and Hospitality Technology Providers

      Our Values

      Act with Integrity

      Strive to be Objective

      Promote Connectedness

      Embrace & Respect the Industry

      Be Authentic & Trustworthy

      Represent Diversity through Choice

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      Why Choose ExploreTECH?

      In the ever-evolving landscape of the travel and hospitality industry, ExploreTECH stands as a beacon of innovation. Whether facing limitations in time, staffing, or finances, technology emerges as the key solution. However, selecting the optimal solution demands a commitment to staying abreast of new trends in the hotel industry and advancements in operations management in the hospitality industry and the travel sector. This is where ExploreTECH excels, not merely as a solution provider but as a catalyst for progress. By streamlining the process of sourcing technology, delivering accessible information, and fostering connectedness, we actively contribute to shaping the future of the travel and hospitality industry. Covering vital aspects such as operations management in the hospitality industry, travel and hospitality industry operations, hotel revenue, and hospitality marketing solutions, ExploreTECH plays a pivotal role in the rapidly-expanding MEA region's journey towards excellence.