About Us

Explore the Blue Ocean Arena of Hospitality & Travel Technology

ExploreTECH is the first digital marketplace dedicated to the Middle East and Africa’s Hospitality and Travel Industries, where professionals can discover, compare, and source solutions from a comprehensive database of technology solutions on a unified, impartial, and user-friendly platform, and providers can increase their reach, boost audience engagement and improve lead generation from within the region.

Our Mission

Build a comprehensive and unified marketplace to facilitate technology awareness, discovery, and sourcing throughout the Hospitality and Travel industries in Middle East and Africa.

Our Vision

Enable Innovation and progress of the Hospitality and Travel industries through technology by simplifying and automating the discovery, sourcing and procurement journey.

Meet Our Founders

Our Founders

Armed with extensive business acumen, entrepreneurial drive, and nearly twenty years of mutual collaboration and friendship, our founding members bring extensive expertise, unmatched passion, and a shared commitment to advancing the Hospitality and Travel industries through technology adoption.
Antoine Medawar

“The Accelerator”

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Mona Faraj

“The Activator”

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Alanoud Tahlawi

“The Facilitator”

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Ralph Melis

“The Go-Getter”

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Enable Industry Professionals

  • Discover multiple technologies from a comprehensive database of solution providers and products
  • Compare technologies in a unified and simplified format
  • Communicate directly and efficiently with identified providers
  • Find the best solutions based on informed and thoroughly-researched methods
  • Seek objective and unbiased expert advice where required

Empower Technology Providers

  • Reach new and broader potential customers in the MEA
  • Boost engagement with the target audience directly and efficiently
  • Generate leads from an informed target audience
  • Communicate with target audiences in their language of choice (English or Arabic)
  • Gain access to a range of regional business resources, including localization, marketing assistance and regional insights

Our Values

Act with Integrity

Strive to be Objective

Promote Connectedness

Embrace & Respect the Industry

Be Authentic & Trustworthy

Represent Diversity through Choice

Why Choose ExploreTECH?

All industries confront the issue of scarce resources, and the hospitality and travel sectors are no exception. Whether you are limited by a shortage of time, staffing, or finances, technology offers a number of solutions to overcome these constraints. This is, of course, provided, you choose the solution that best meets your objectives, and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

This is easier said than done, though.

Keeping up with global innovation can require multiple resources that may not be accessible. So, how can ExploreTECH be of assistance, and how do we bridge that gap?

By facilitating and streamlining the process of sourcing technology, making information readily and widely available, and promoting connectedness, we contribute to developing our Hospitality and Travel industry throughout the rapidly-expanding MEA region. As part of our goal to empower transformative connections between Industry Professionals and Technology Providers, we deploy our specialist understanding of innovation and connectedness to help foster a culture of informed decision-making, continual awareness, and ongoing engagement with technology solutions. Regardless of your organization's stage of development, size, or brand affiliation, ExploreTECH empowers industry professionals and technology providers with an ocean of choices.

One Source, Limitless Possibilities…